Samsung Galaxy S8 to face another problem with Shattering Screens?

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Seems like Samsung’s bad days are slowly beginning to surface. After the recent controversial problem, the red tint on the displays of the devices, which Samsung brushed off as ‘Not a quality problem’, and promised to rectify through a software update; it is time for another potential ‘issue’ for the Samsung flagships – according to some testers, the flagship phones are highly susceptible to shattering screens, when dropped.

A trade company, Square Trade conducted tests on the super awesome phones, and found out that the nearly all-glass design of the phone makes it scratch proof, at the cost of the phone becoming brittle. The testing company tested the phone for multiple durability claims and found that the phone cracked when dropped from any angle.

In our view, this was expected to happen as the company is trying to make the phone more and beautiful and protect it from other damages, such as scratches, water damage, overheating etc. Samsung has done a fairly good job there. Both devices worked fantastic even while being submerged. One of the most interesting things to note about the Galaxy S8, is that the phones’ touchscreens worked even while being underwater. Even iPhone 6 failed to achieve that feat. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have been certified to IP68 waterproof rating, meaning the devices can withstand up to 30 minutes of immersion up to 1m underwater.

Also, the phone worked perfect after being taken out of the water, with minor distortions in speaker, which went away once the phone was dry. Other durability tests performed on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ went through very well, with the phones being able to fend off any scratches without a problem.

The phones passed all tests for durability by day-to-day usage standards- except for drop test. The testers reported the phone’s glass showed cracks on the edges when dropped on a sidewalk from a height of approx. six feet. The edges of the phone cracked making it potentially dangerous to use. Using a phone protector, or a cover is recommended here, and that should be enough to protect your phone from damage in case you happen to drop it accidentally.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is already a huge hit amongst the people given its features and specifications and has mostly received positive feedback from everyone. Also, most of the people are more likely to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S8 compared to an iPhone 7. A shattering screen is definitely not an issue as long as you don’t drop it or throw it deliberately. All that can be said, “Don’t let it fall, and it won’t let you fall.”

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